May 2, 2018 |

In July 2018, Metro Vancouver is banning Styrofoam or EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Packaging) from local landfills.  Styrofoam will be on the long list of materials banned from landfill.  Garbage loads with over 20% EPS will be subject to a 100% surcharge on the tipping fee.

Please find a complete list of banned materials here:

Historically, Metro Vancouver has added to the list of banned materials every two years or so.  As many of the readers will recall the most recent addition was that Organics were banned in July of 2016.

Banning a material from landfill simply means that it cannot be thrown out any longer.  It has to be diverted from landfill and recycled.

Banning materials from landfill drives a flurry of activity in the market place including:

  • Businesses and residents that have Styrofoam have to find a place for it to be recycled
  • Commercial collection companies such as Urban Impact have to adapt processes to collect and receive and get it to end markets
  • End markets or processing companies have to increase capacity and throughput

Urban Impact can help with recycling Styrofoam!  Some customers  may produce Styrofoam regularly others might only produce it when inbound shipments arrive a few times year.  Regardless of your volume, we have a solution.  Urban Impact can provide a Front Load,  Tote container or a Mega Bag as a receptacle for the Styrofoam produced at your location.  There are certainly alternate container types as well … it really depends on how much room you have and where the material is to be stored.  Urban Impact can also provide an On Call service. Generally On Call customers will bag their Styrofoam and store it for pick up. 

The good news is that Styrofoam is very recyclable.   It can be condensed and made into a multitude of products including; picture frames, coffee cups and plates.

Please call us today at 604-273-0089 if you are interested and need to recycle your Styrofoam!

Metro Vancouver has an ambitious goal of increasing overall regional diversion from landfill.  Currently as a region we are at approximately 65% diversion.  The idea behind landfill bans is that you continue to eliminate material going to landfill achieving Zero Waste.  We have a ways to go!!

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