A few years ago, when the #antibullying #kindness #stopbullying messaging began to gain momentum, as a team, Urban Impact decided that this celebration and awareness was a message that resonated with our company and our core company cultural values. 

On February 28, 2024, Pink Shirt Day will officially be recognized; however, festivals and events occur throughout the month, around the world, to raise awareness and funds around anti- bullying initiatives.  

The Pink Shirt Day campaign recognizes the importance of unity, inclusivity, and diversity of all people. “Pink Shirt Day has humble beginnings. Inspired by an act of kindness in small-town Nova Scotia, CKNW Kids' Fund, working with partners Boys & Girls Clubs and 980 CKNW, was inspired to raise funds to support anti-bullying programs.” (https://www.pinkshirtday.ca/about)

Every year a new design is created for Pink Shirt Day. This year’s design was created by Haida artist Corey Bulpitt. Known for his signature graffiti style, this year’s design indicates the welcoming and respect of others through the outstretched hands, “serv[ing]as a friendly greeting which is used throughout Coast Salish communities.

Urban Impact will continue to take the opportunity to celebrate internally and embrace the fund raising and awareness that this day brings to us all.  Our company culture is centered around people, our team and our staff.  In our view, there is no better event or day that shows how much we value our people. 

Urban Impact will again make a donation to the CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day and provide our teams with a pink item to wear on this day.