Reusable coffee cup

In 2022, 1.3 billion single use items were disposed of in Metro Vancouver*. That is more than 400 items per person per year**! Single use or "on the go" items come with too high an environmental price tag. Many single use items are not easily recycled, and some, such as foam containers, often end up in the landfill. In addition, many plastics can take centuries to decompose and can injure wildlife. Reducing single-use items helps protect our environment. 

Every summer Urban Impact is a sponsor at the BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association of BC) Golf Tournament. It's a fun event filled with industry professionals who take care of Metro Vancouver’s building and facilities.  BOMA members focus on many sustainability efforts in their day- to-day operations.

This year, we thought we would promote awareness around reducing single use cups and containers with some fun and games. Urban Impact is sponsoring “guess how many single use coffee cups are in the bag?” contest. Hint: the number of coffee cups in the contest bag is remarkably high!

The prize for BOMA golfers are compact Stojo reusable coffee cups. Our hope is that these cups will make it easier to have a coffee on the go and say no to a disposal cup culture. We chose Stojo cups because they are reusable, collapsible, and cute.  Bring your morning coffee with you to wherever you go and when finished collapse and pop it into your bag for the commute home. Stojo also carries a reusable line of food storage items!  Why not use a reusable and collapsible food container for taking your lunch to work too?

We agree that it will take a bit of planning and preparation to keep a clean and ready reusable container handy but we believe it is possible and a good first step in saying no to single use cups and disposable containers.

Awareness is a good first step!