Electronic Certificates of Diversion for 2021 are Now Available!

At Urban Impact, we believe that sustainability includes dealing with waste in a responsible, cost effective manner through comprehensive recycling practices, education and participation.

With more and more people working to reduce their "Carbon Footprint", Urban Impact created a Certificate of Diversion to recognize our customers for their efforts in matters of consumption, waste recycling and environmental management.

The Certificate of Diversion

•  Summarizes how much material customers have diverted from the landfill

•  Estimates in terms of water, power and trees saved through their recycling efforts

We would like to say thanks to all of you for your recycling efforts, helping us make the world just a bit greener and reducing your environmental footprint!

Did you know that one metric tonne of recycled paper saves:

•  18.49 Trees

•  28,957 Litres of Water

•  4,480 kWh (kilowatt hours) of Electricity

To request your electronic Certificates of Diversion or to learn more about this program, please send us an email at reporting@urbanimpact.com