As we start the New Year many of us reflect on the past year to set goals for the coming year. Generally, we compare and contrast all aspects of our work, community, personal lives to assess where and what we did to where and what we’d like to do or become. 

At Urban Impact we do the same. Serving our communities and helping charities is a pillar for our company. Each year Urban Impact commits to providing a Shred Day event fundraiser for community-based charitable organizations.  In 2023, Urban Impact assisted with six community Shred Days:  three events for Communitas, Gaby Davis Foundation, Pacific Assistance Dogs and Surrey Hospice.  

Shred Day events are a great opportunity for community-based organizations to raise money for their worthy causes. These events are usually scheduled in late spring and early fall.  Urban Impact provides a driver and shredding truck at no charge to shred sensitive documents for the community. Each charity is responsible for running the Shred Day event and most importantly making the ask of the community  to donate to support the event and their charity.

The six Shred Day events raised $19,000 in total for these charities.  All proceeds of the Shred Day event went directly to the charity.

Urban Impact is pleased to have served a cross section of communities, including Abbotsford, Burnaby and Surrey, with our charitable shredding services. These are communities Urban Impact serves daily, making these events even more impactful.

As goals and resolutions are set for 2024, we’d like to encourage you, your organization, or an organization you support to consider adding a Shred Day event to raise money for a good cause and help your community to safely dispose their sensitive documents.

If you would like to schedule a Shred Day event, we are still accepting applications.  Please fill out the form here and tell us a bit about your event and what dates would work for you.

Giving back is a gift in and of itself.  We thank you for the opportunity to be of service.