Today, we are standing together  as a community as people gather in the US and Canada to protest racial injustice.

Recent racially motivated attacks have highlighted systemic racism and the damage it does to our communities. We are at loss for the right words for what is happening around the world. However, this is not a time to be silent.  Black Lives Matter.

At Urban Impact, we are very proud to have a diverse staff — one that includes people representing a variety of cultures, religions, genders, and ethnicities.  These differences help create better decisions and solutions.

More and more, when we are interviewing, candidates are asking what we are doing about diversity and inclusion. Urban Impact’s diversity and inclusion strategy helps us attract top talent and drive innovative results. We strive to create an inclusive culture and sense of belonging for everyone.

From sourcing and recruiting to hiring, onboarding, to the daily aspects of work, team-building, and culture, our ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion changes everything. We want every employee to be able to contribute in their unique, meaningful way and feel safe and secure.

Together, let's work to achieve a society that does not include racism or violence.

 You can make a difference.

Let your voice be heard.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackOutTuesday #Silenceisnotanoption #WeStandinSolidarity