We’re working hard to keep Operating teams safe during COVID-19! COVID 19 continues to be at the top of our mind and keeping our operating teams safe is our priority. Urban Impact recently completed a renovation at our New West Plant where we have separated our operating teams further by adding lunchroom space and new bathrooms. In addition we have created separate entrance and exit points for all the teams. It is a lot of effort but well worth it and supports our COVID plan.

With the addition of the lunchrooms and the updated exit and entrance points, we hope to have successfully created operating team bubble that remain separate from other team mates. All this effort seems terribly separate and not ideal when we various teams benefit from social time with one another and getting to know each other. Remember the day when we did interactive team building exercises with each other. Not anymore!

Tool Box and Safety meetings are of course an important part of our overall Safety Program and we are required to continue to do these to be in compliance with WorkSafe BC. We are having to create creative solutions to be able to accomplish this as well. Ideally we have Tool Box Talks only with each bubble group … sometimes this is not practical. What we have managed to do is keep an eye on the weather forecast and are doing our Tool Box talks socially distanced and outside in our parking lot. Its not ideal … but thankfully winter weather in 2020 and 2021 has been pretty mild so far.

COVID 19 Safety Plan is our priority, but the next few months we are determined to keep our teams interactive and are considering team building exercises via Kahoot or other apps that allow us to play together but remotely.