How Urban Impact’s Brand Has Changed and Evolved

How Urban Impact’s Brand Has Changed and Evolved

When Urban Impact rebranded in 2010, our goal was to create a durable, lasting identity that was contemporary and timeless and aligned with our customer‚s needs and expectations. We wanted to share our brand history with our readers to show you how we have evolved!

Unlike short-lived print collateral, a company’s logo should be an enduring identifier that gains equity over the years. When Urban Impact rebranded in 2010, our goal was to create a durable, lasting identity that was contemporary and timeless and aligned with our customer’s needs and expectations.

Let’s be honest. Most logos, even well-designed marks, don’t hold up over time. There are a handful of iconic logos that have been in existence for well over the quarter century mark. These are time-honored brands that have long been household names.

Urban Impact is a recycling company with a strong ethical ethos, awareness of the environment and a keen sense of our corporate social responsibility. We focus on quality throughout the organization, high levels of customer service, and acting in a socially responsible manner. We’re a dynamic company, evolving and adapting to changing environments and customer expectations while still retaining our roots in providing top quality and dependable recycling, shredding and waste audit services.

To keep our brand relevant, we have demonstrated our willingness to change. Over the past 20 years, we have developed a strong sense of “who we are,” and a keen awareness of what our customers need.

The emotive connections people associate with our brand are mostly to do with their experience with our brand. We’ve tried to build up a strong visual brand by the use of green in our corporate identity. The green provided us with the ability to build a brand around the message of recycling.

As you’ll see below, Urban Impact’s brand has evolved over the years.

Here is the look of Urban Impact more or less from 1992 to about 2005:

The original logo had a strong imagery related to the recycling mobius.

As our brand evolved, we moved to the next generation logo, from 2005 till approximately 2010:

A Bright New Future

And finally, after an extensive rebranding exercise, we moved to our current logo from 2010 +:

We wanted a fresh rebrand - something modern but which carried on some similarities with our previous identity so as not to break the link with the previous branding. We kept the green but chose a richer tone, and swapped out the font for one that isn't so common, but still carried a distinguished, 'trusted feel'. Our new logo has positioned us to take the next step in our growth. We are very pleased that the rebranding has been followed by an increase in new customers, as well as giving us an identity to continue to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Making our brand more visible and distinctive and re-enforcing those connections is the essence of why we rebranded. We have created positioning components and marketing materials that ensure consistency of message across the business. We are proud that we offer solutions that make recycling at work really work. We are also confident that Urban Impact’s brand is now properly aligned with our customers’ needs and expectations. We have had a lot of great comments about our new logo and are confident that it will continue to help us get noticed.

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