Teachers and parents from School District 38 (Richmond) visit our Richmond Plant

Teachers and parents from School District 38 (Richmond) visit our Richmond Plant

On February 7, we had 30 children, teachers and parents from the School District 38 (Richmond) Waste Management School Green Team for a visit to our Richmond Plant. The tour of our five step recycling process was led by President and CEO Nicole Stefenelli. The group was very engaged; the children asked many questions about what happens during the recycling process; the children with the best questions received baseball caps and toques. We received a warm thank you from the School District:

“Thanks to Nicole and Cindy for arranging the Urban Impact Tour for the Richmond School District’s Waste Management School Green Team visits. The students and teachers really enjoyed learning about the recycling process. In fact, they were talking about the trucking, receiving, sorting, baling and shipping on the bus ride home!

The tour was a great opportunity for the participants to see what happens to the paper after it leaves the school. It gave the students and teachers a better understanding of the paper process. The Green Teams are energized to create waste reduction action plans for their own schools.

Thank you for making the learning about the recycling process so fun and accessible! We really appreciate your time and effort!”


Ms. Rosalind Poon

Teacher Consultant

School District #38 (Richmond)

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