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Bulk Paper Recycling

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With ever increasing landfill costs it makes great commercial and financial sense to recycle whenever possible.

Urban Impact is proud to be providing commercially successful and effective paper recycling solutions on a scale large enough to make an impact.

Do you generate large quantities of paper waste? We collect waste paper from all types of businesses and organizations.  Our Bulk Paper Recycling program is Good for– printers waste recycling, waste haulers, warehouse, distribution + manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of Bulk Paper Recycling

  • Bulk collection maximizes your rebate value of the paper.
  • Minimizes the transportation costs associated with getting your paper to recycling.
  • Waste paper is an excellent raw material for making new paper.

We handle all Grades of Paper

We handle all grades of paper, including white and colored office paper, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, printer waste and even coated book stock.

A Total Recycling Solution.

Whatever type of paper waste you produce – in whatever quantities – we’ll deliver a customized solution that make the removalsorting and recycling of waste paper easy. Leaders in paper recycling, Urban Impact will help you capture as much paper as possible. Did you know that almost all paper can be recycled?

We provide multiple solutions for the collection of your bulk paper and other printer scraps- a total waste materials management recovery and recycling solution.  Our Bulk Paper Recycling service makes it easy to manage every aspect of your paper waste storage, collection and recycling. We’ve made a significant investment in state-of-the-art recycling technology for sorting, baling and shredding materials.

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With our deep knowledge of mill requirements and markets worldwide, we develop efficient and profitable paper recycling programs for a range of clients, including:

Bulk Paper Recycling

  • Commercial Printers: We service companies of all sizes, with one to many locations. Whether you generate pounds or tons of paper, your business is important to us.
  • Distribution and packaging companies: We manage low and high volumes of corrugated cardboard.
  • Municipalities: We work with towns, cities, and haulers to recycle post-consumer residential paper collections.
  • Office Buildings and Large Properties: We’ll design a recycling program for your office, site or campus. Cost, safety, operational convenience and efficiency are our top priorities.

Sorting is not required! Let us do the work so you can reduce labour costs and maximize your rebate for bulk grades!

Printers Waste Paper Recycling Services

We serve printers of all sizes:

  • We offer services to capture mixed printers papermixed white grades and high grade white paper.
  • Since printers have unique space constraints and operating needs, we’ll develop a customized collection method depending on your needs and service requirements.
  • We strive to earn the highest revenue from printer’s paper waste.
  • We provide comprehensive reporting, to help you closely monitor costs and identify new opportunities for recycling.

Collection & Storage Bins

We provide a range of easy to use bins and containers.   Have large volumes? We also provide dedicated balers and compactors for our large volume cardboard or paper customers.

  • Indoor Collection: Cages are provided for easy collection indoors.
  • Outside Collection: Roll Off Bins or Compactors with tipping mechanisms are provided for collection outside.
  • A tractor trailer service is provided for cages or skids.
  • Collection schedules will be designed to meet daily, weekly or seasonal needs.

Urban Impact’s Bulk Paper bins come in variety of sizes.


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