E-Waste Recycling – It's easier than you would think!

Recycling Services

E-Waste poses a significant security and environmental risk to you and your company.  

Urban Impact provides our commercial customers with the confidence that their end-of-life equipment will be recycled. 

Recycling ensures that metals such as mercury and lead found in computers doesn’t end up shipped offshore to developing countries or in the landfill leaving the toxins in the ground and waterways.

At Urban Impact, we’re dedicated to helping our customers divert as much e-waste from the landfill as possible. It’s really easy for businesses to responsibly manage electronic waste with our tailored e- waste recycling program.

Choosing to work with Urban Impact is the best decision your company will make when it comes to safely disposing of your e-waste.

Responsible, efficient and safe disposal of electronic waste

  • Tell us the type of e-waste and the volumes involved and we'll provide a tailored solution.
  • Once your e-waste is ready for collection, simply call us and we’ll pick it up from your premises and ensure it is responsibly recycled. 

Acceptable E-Waste Materials

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones, tablets and wireless devices
  • CPU towers
  • Monitors, printers and peripherals
  • TV’s
  • Telecomm and telephone equipment
  • Keyboards


Safe, Environmentally-Safe E-Waste Recycling Services

(Please note, no public drop off. We provide commercial pick up services only.)

Recycling Services

Downloadable eWaste Recycling Label

Identify your eWaste recycling bins with this handy label
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