Recycling Education Workshops

The key to a successful recycling program is to educate people about how the program works. Then, remind them and remind again!
Start your Recycling Education Program before Urban Impact’s recycling bins and containers arrive! We work with our customers to develop the right messages, through the right delivery channels, to suit all levels of staff - from janitorial staff to Executive teams.

We host a variety of informal recycling education workshops.  
Our workshops:
    •    Advocate Zero Waste!
    •    Provide practical ideas on how to reduce waste, implement sustainable business practices and save money.
    •    Provide tips how to make Recycling at Work really work.

Let us train your team and help increase your diversion rates!

Get the most out of your recycling program!  

Our team will be happy to give advice and guidance and if required, in the development of your recycling procedures. 

We provide colour coded Fact Sheets and labels along with training and guidance to assist in maximizing recycling.
We provide recycling education for employees, including the janitorial staff. Critical to the success of a recycling program, it’s important that your janitorial staff is on the same page- they need to understand their responsibilities and how vital they are to the program’s success.

Find out what materials are acceptable for recycling.  

Download our Mixed Paper, Mixed Containers and Organics Fact Sheets.


The principle is simple: you manage what you measure. An Urban Impact Waste Audit is a great way for businesses and organizations to learn about the waste habits and needs of their site with a clear snapshot of what you generate, how much you generate and where you generate it.

We sort and weigh your waste streams and provide a report that lets you benchmark your progress and set the bar to improve, with opportunities to cut your carbon footprint, increase diversion, and even save on disposal costs.

Building Meet and Greets

At Urban Impact, we have a passionate team who will help you learn why your garbage is just too good to waste.
Don’t forget the importance of workplace education, so that employees know what can be recycled in the workplace and where to put it so that it does get recycled.

We’ll help you increase participation in your recycling program. 
    •    At the start of your program our team will set up an educational display in your building or office lobby.  
    •    We’ll help people become more familiar with the recycling program. 
    •    Ask us about a tailored presentation for your office staff about waste diversion and reduction.

Meet and greets are great way for employees to learn what materials are acceptable and find out how they can become involved. They’re also a great event for anyone who wants to energize a building in recycling.

Want to bring recycling to your apartment or condo building? 

Recycling can reduce your overall waste hauling costs, create positive public relations for both the management company and your tenants, and conserve environmental resources. Implementing a successful recycling program is not going to happen overnight.
Reduce your costs with your building-wide recycling program â€¦ just have your tenants on board first.

Tenant Recycling Education

Education is an ongoing activity. Frequently share recycling reminders, tips and results. Keep your messages brief, positive and engaging. Encourage tenants to share real examples of what has and has not worked for them.

As your program grows, things may change, so be sure to communicate changes clearly to any employees and provide reasons for specific changes.


Making Sure The Program Works

At Urban Impact, we believe that the key to a good recycling program is to have properly trained staff on board to make sure the program works from top to bottom

    •    We’ll set up a time to train all building tenants so that they understand the recycling program goals and processes.
    •    Our Recycling Program is designed to make the recycling of paper, bottles, cans and other recyclable materials second nature for your tenants.
    •    We’ll introduce and reinforce the concepts of recycling and sustainability and provide a better understanding of our waste cycle.
    •    We’ll provide your tenants with Recycling Fact Sheets that explain what materials are recyclable.

Watching the recycling program reach its goals will motivate employees. Whether you decide to begin recycling with full force or gradually phase in the program, momentum for the program will take off as employees see your progress.
Please contact us to schedule your recycling education meet and greet.

Helping you Promote Your Recycling Efforts

We can help improve your environmental or “green” image by promoting your successful waste reduction and energy efficient practices to your customers and the public. A positive environmental image can help increase employee moral, community support and customer loyalty.

Creating a Green Team

Employees make a recycling program happen.  We recommend forming an employee green team.  Like any other team, a green team is an opportunity to involve your employees. The green team leads by example and encourages all staff to become involved with recycling. It’s a good idea to include flagship tenants and any others who you have identified as environmentally conscious. 

Drive recycling engagement at your event!

Need an engaging zero waste speaker for an industry event? We have a team of outstanding speakers for any size group on a range of topics that will help you take your business to the next level.

Let's Talk Recycling!

Urban Impact wants to help you recycle better! We’ve developed and delivered many innovative and successful zero waste sessions. We’d be pleased to give presentations and training sessions on how to increase diversion rates. 

Contact us if you need an informative speaker to talk about waste reduction strategies that will guide our community toward zero waste. We appreciate your understanding when scheduling conflicts or resources limitations prohibit our participation.  Please note, we require 3 months advance notice.

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