Hard Drive Shredding is Critical to Your Business’s Reputation

When you really think about how much information we store digitally, it’s almost overwhelming to comprehend how much damage someone could do, if all of it ended up in the wrong hands.

What would happen if your data got into the wrong hands?

Erasing or wiping your hard drive is not enough!

Like paper records, it’s important to destroy hard drives. Failure to do so puts your clients and employees at risk of falling victim to identity theft.

Our solution to this is very simple. Contact us.

Urban Impact’s state-of-the-art electronic media shredder completely destroys your hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and other electronic storage products and materials, making your private information secure and irretrievable.

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We’ll come right to your door to physically destroy your data-bearing hard and/or recordable media, such as DVDs.

Our staff… Dedicated & Reliable and fully uniformed with photo ID

We’ll keep you safe and secure.


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