On-site Shredding Services

Data Security is the number one concern of businesses and consumers alike. In this internet age, information can readily be hijacked and used inappropriately. Identity theft and information - based fraud are one of the fastest growing crimes.

When you have decided to destroy old documents, Urban Impact has a secure solution:

  • Our state of the art, mobile shredding trucks provide the perfect solution for you.

  • Our secure shredding services protect people in many instances from becoming victims of things like Fraud and Identity Theft.

  • Our fleet of trucks use modern, state of the art shredding technology, to cross shred the papers into tiny, little pieces.

On-site, one-time or recurring, our secure shred solutions are tailored to you.

Recycling Services

On-site is the same as mobile shredding — our truck comes to you, and your paper is securely shredded right there on the premises. It’s the perfect solution for when you need to destroy sensitive documents quickly at your facility.

By using our document shredding services, you can take comfort in the fact that your confidential records will be shredded before they even leave your premises. Our shredding trucks are fitted with huge, industrial cross cutting shredding equipment.

You can feel secure about letting us shred your old records and you can feel good because you’re helping the environment! All shredded records are recycled.

Our uniformed, security-trained drivers will do all the heavy lifting and remove the secure, locked consoles and take them to our truck where they are shredded on-site. And remember, don’t worry about removing things like staples or paper clips – we take care of all of that.

Keep your information secure and your business safe.

Thousands of businesses consistently rely on Urban Impact to keep their confidential information confidential. We help ensure your workplace, your employees, and your customers are protected.

Urban Impact’s on-site shredding service provides clients with an extra level of comfort – your sensitive documents are shredded and destroyed right in front of you.

When you choose Urban Impact for on-site shredding, you have a complete chain of custody from point of pickup to shipment to our plant for recycling. We provide a reliable, secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of sensitive documents. We offer a variety of tailored and flexible document destruction shredding services that fully comply with current legislative standards. We constantly seek out innovative ways to provide our customers with timely cost-effective solutions to manage their document storage challenges. 

Our drivers are bonded and insured and have passed rigorous background checks.

Our chain of custody process ensures your information is kept secure at all times. At no time are your drives in our possession left unattended.  

Witness the entire on-site shredding process as your paper is collected and loaded into our secure On-Site Shredding truck. Your staff can watch on a screen as the paper is received. You can rest assured that your confidential documents are safe and secure.

Documents are destroyed to an unrecoverable state.

What's the proof that your confidential documents have been destroyed?

For all documents we shred, we’ll issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records right at the time the shredding is done.

Shredded Material is Recycled.

We own and operate our own paper and cardboard recycling plant in Richmond, British Columbia. We recycle all of the shredded paper. Every ton of paper we recycle saves 17 trees! Urban Impact is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID).

NAID-Canada (http://www.naidcanada.org) is the national association representing companies that specialize in secure information and document destruction.

We’ll develop a custom-tailored and regularly scheduled on-site shredding program. Contact us today to find out more.

Collection & Storage

  • With our mobile on-site shredding services, you can choose from a secure, modern collection system.
  • We’ll provide a customized collection system to collect your sensitive documents.
  • Secure Shredding Container Options
  • Our secure shredding containers are designed to fit seamlessly into the office environment.
  • Secure paper consoles keep materials private, as they are collected. Attractive neutral container blends into office environments. Comes with tamper-evident locking system
  • Tote bins on wheels are designed to ensure that confidential documents are easily contained and transported.
  • The shred containers will be placed in your office or storage area to allow you to accumulate the materials for shredding.

Regularly Scheduled Service

We consider the size of your office, type of material generated and the amount of space your business has available for collection and storage.

On a pre-set schedule our driver will arrive at your facility to collect and shred the items you have for shredding.

Onsite Shred Service includes:

  • Secure, locked containers in your office

  • Our bonded, uniformed drivers will collect your documents from your office saving you valuable time and money

  • Cross-cut shredding technology

  • Secure chain-of-custody

  • Certificate of Destruction after each service

Request a regularly scheduled service today!

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