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Introducing the Waste and Recycling Educational Program

Urban Impact is excited to announce an opportunity for high school-aged students to participate in the Urban Impact Waste & Recycling Educational Program.

The Waste & Recycling Educational Program is 100% funded by Urban Impact and will be offered in September and October.

What is the Waste & Recycling Educational Program?

The Waste & Recycling Educational Program is a classroom learning and site tour program that is designed to introduce, educate, and interest young people about waste & recycling in our region.

This educational program focuses on the importance of waste handling, waste diversion and recycling in our region. The Waste & Recycling Educational Program will also highlight how recycling and reuse of materials is an important contributor in reducing greenhouse gases and the slowdown of climate change.

Who & Why Urban Impact

Giving back is one of our corporate pillars. For more than 30 years, Urban Impact has helped our customers with their waste, recycling, shredding, product destruction, auditing and reporting needs. We have developed the Waste & Recycling Educational Program to serve and give back to the communities that we service in. The Waste & Recycling Educational Program is fully funded by Urban Impact. There is no cost to schools or students.

Who is the Target Audience?

You are a school that has a club or class that focuses on Environmental Science. You and your students are interested in taking an intimate look at our regional waste and recycling infrastructure, businesses that work in waste transfer, and recycling and waste diversion processing.

What is the course program?

The program can be tailored to your class program and student needs. It is best suited for students in Grade 9 or above. We have found that older high school students who have familiarity with Environmental Science are more interested and absorb the material of this program.

Ideally, the Waste & Recycling Educational Program is a two-day program. Day one is in-classroom learning and day two is touring a variety of facilities. If needed, we can tailor the program to one-day by reducing the number of field destinations.

We recommend starting with the in-class room program taught by Nicole Stefenelli, CEO of Urban Impact. The in-classroom content is two one-hour sessions. This exact schedule is flexible, and all content is pre-approved by the teacher.

How to Apply

Urban Impact would like to hear from you. Please write to and tell us about your class or club that would benefit from this program.