Urban Impact can scale our recycling services for any business, from a one-time pick-up to a full customized institutional solution. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Choose a business type below to see what your business can recycle and how we can right-size our services to meet your unique requirements. 

Recycling Services

Looking to expand recycling in your office?


We've made it easier than ever for businesses to be planet savers.

We’re specialists in recycling for offices and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From entire office towers, to retail centres and busy malls, we provide efficient, reliable office recycling services:

  • Paper/Cardboard – packaging and waste paper make up over 50% of the domestic waste stream and can be even higher in offices and warehouses.
  • Mixed recyclables – like your household collection, you may be ready for a mixed recyclables collection at work. This can include glass, metal and plastics.
  • Organics – Many offices produce organic waste. 

We make recycling at work really work

Urban Impact’s simple and reliable Office “Concierge” Program is designed to cover all your office recycling needs, from paper and cardboard, bottles and cans to food waste.

We conduct a site visit to review your waste and figure out what is going in the trash.

We’ll help you determine which products are recyclable and which ones to include in your workplace recycling initiative.

A range of stylish Bins and Containers

We provide  stylish clearly labelled recycling bins and containers.

A Successful Office Recycling Program

To ensure your office recycling program succeeds, our recycling team will help you with:

  • Employee participation: We’ll provide advice on how to get all players—employees, recycling coordinators, janitorial staff, facilities managers, and others—on the same page.
  • Source separation: We’ll provide advice on how to efficiently separate your materials.
  • Clear instructions: We’ll label your bins and containers with clear information about what to put in — and what to keep out.
  • Awareness building: We’ll help you promote your recycling program through signage, and lunch and learns.
  • Bin Placement: We will help you be strategic about your placement of recycling bins.

Daily Collections at Times to Suit You

We provide reliable collections and the flexibility to choose your pick-up frequency and number of recycling bins and containers.

Tracking & Reporting

We’ll help you increase your diversion rate. Get reports about your recycling achievements..

It’s easy to get started.

A Recycling Plan designed for your needs

Tell us about your business. We can get started with a simple phone call, or conduct a site visit to take a more in-depth look and create a customized recycling plan. Here are some of the steps we take:


Free Site Visit

We come to YOU to analyze current recycling practices and get a thorough understanding of your recycling needs, diversion targets and site requirements.

Recycling Assessment

If you have multiple recycling needs, we’ll review your waste streams and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective recycling program.


We’ll provide the collection and storage bins, signage, and labels and recycling education for your recycling program.

Certificate of Diversion

At the end of each year, we provide a certificate outlining how much waste you’ve diverted from the landfill. (More on this below)

Certificate Impact


This is where your team’s hard work and dedication pays off. At the end of each year, free of charge, we provide a certificate estimating how much waste your organization has diverted. Your Certificate of Diversion shows your recycling progress year-over-year, and sets performance metrics that can be tracked and improved. It also provides water, tree and electricity savings for all paper products recycled and tracks your associated carbon savings. The certificate creates positive messaging to share with your employees and community.

Urban Impact is really pleased to announce that we have gone paperless for the 2017 Certificates. To obtain your 2017 Certificate, please send an email to reporting@urbanimpact.com

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