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Bins and Containers

Many of our new customers are unsure of the type, size or quantity of bins and containers and service frequency that best suits their requirements.  We’ve designed this page to help you make the right choice. Selecting a bin or container is as easy as 1-2-3!

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A Range of Bins and Containers

We provide a range of easy to use bins and containers.   Have large volumes? We also provide dedicated balers and compactors for our large volume cardboard or paper customers.

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Introducing Urban Impact’s Bins and Containers

To increase diversion rates, it’s really important to provide the right recycling bins and containers. Whether you require internal or external bins, Urban Impact can provide you with the right solution:

  • Our high quality bins and containers are kept clean and well-presented.
  • All our bins and containers are clearly labelled with the full list of acceptable recycling materials.
  • Our bins and containers are designed to manage recyclable materials efficiently and reduce recycling costs.

Internal:  Office Paper and Cardboard Recycling Containers

Did you know that bin placement and visibility are critical elements to effective participation in a recycling program?  Our variety of office recycling bins and containers were designed to help meet the demand for improved office recycling programs. No matter the size of  your recycling program, we have office containers for all sizes and set-ups of work environments.

We’ll help you create a more environmentally-friendly workplace and make your recycling program a success:

  • Our office recycling bins and containers feature color coding, signage and simple graphics.
  • We’ll provide deskside boxes and larger “Rebox” bins for recycling paper.
  • Signage: Recycling programs are most successful if everyone is certain what goes in the recycling container. Signage informs users of what materials are acceptable or not acceptable in the bins to improve effectiveness and prevent contamination.  We’ll provide signage that adopts a consistent look and feel to all your recycling collection areas.
  • We also create recycling stations, educational posters and container labels to help promote mixed recycling awareness.
  • We’ll provide you with service frequency recommendations.

External:  Customers with Large Volumes of Commercial and Industrial Waste

We provide a variety of external containers that are designed to handle large volumes of commercial and industrial waste.

To view Urban Impact’s innovative, practical and cost effective recycling bins and containers, please browse our Product Range listed below:


Cardboard bins are ideal for customers with medium and high volumes of cardboard for recycling. These bins are fully enclosed and easy to manoeuvre manually or with forklifts.

Our cardboard are desigend for commercial customers that recycle enough material to be emptied every week. The bins are ideal for flattened cardboard. Cardboard recycling bins are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 yard sizes.

2 Cubic Yard
3’8″ (H) x 3’1″ (D) x 6′ (W)
3 Cubic Yard
4’4″ (H) x 3’10” (D) x 6′ (W)
4 Cubic Yard
4’9″ (H) x 4’10” (D) x 6′ (W)
6 Cubic Yard
5′ (H) x 6′ (D) x 6′ (W)
8 Cubic Yard
6’10” (H) x 5’6″ (D) x 6′ (W)


Ideal for use with our multi material recycling service, these bins can be placed close to work stations without causing work flow issues.

Deskside Recycling Box
15″ (H) x 9″ (D) x 13″ (W)
Our deskside paper recycling bin is an
environmently-friendly replacement for
the traditional office waste paper bin.
The low profile of this box makes it easy to store under a desk and keep waste paper separate from other types of waste.
Blue Box
14″ (H) x 21″ (D) x 15″ (W)
The blue box is ideal for a combination of
glass jars & bottles, plastic, aluminum and
steel containers, all in the same bin.
Rebox (Central Storage Box)
31″ (H) x 14″ (D) x 18″ (W)Our larger “Reboxes” will help maximize an efficient recycling program in your business.
Tote (Large Central Storage Container)
43″ (H) x 35″ (D) x 24″ (W)Urban Impact offers a 96-gallon blue toter for large quantities of cardboard and paper.


Urban Impact’s secure locked shred containers ensure that your confidential documents can not be accessed between our scheduled shredding services.

Secure Paper Safe
35″ (H) x 16″ (D) x 19″ (W)
43″ (H) x 35″ (D) x 24″ (W)


Roll-Off Bins are the large open top containers used as temporary containers for customers with larger waste and recycling needs. They are suitable for businesses with high volume and larger size boxes.

20 Cubic Yard
5′ (H) x 18′ (L) x 8′ (W)
30 Cubic Yard
6′ (H) x 20′ (L) x 8′ (W)
40 Cubic Yard
8′ (H) x 20′ (L) x 8′ (W)