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Recycling Fact Sheets

Not sure what can be recycled?

Do you have questions about what materials are acceptable in your recycling bins?  Need help teaching employees and visitors how to recycle?  Making recycling guidelines a part of employee training helps reinforce your recycling plan.

Its important not to put items which can’t be recycled into a recycling container – dealing with the wrong material is expensive and can sometimes result in good material being wasted and sent to landfill.

Urban Impact’s Recycling Fact Sheets were designed to make recycling easy!  

We’ve made it easy to educate your staff. Employee participation and training is critical to the success of any business’ recycling program. Our Recycling Fact Sheets were designed to help your employees learn more about which materials can and can’t be put in your bin. The fact sheets create a visual display of items that can and cannot be recycled in your program.  They were also designed to communicate your organization’s commitment to recycling.  

Recycling Fact Sheets

Help your employees and visitors cut down on waste with Urban Impact’s Recycling Fact Sheets.  Our color-coded fact sheets were designed with pictures to teach your employees how to easily segregate their recyclables in several streams:

Calgary Residential Fact Sheets

For Calgary residents, we have designed Mixed Paper and Mixed Containers Fact Sheets to teach residents what materials are acceptable and not acceptable.

All Sheets in PDF formatSized 8.5″ x 11″

You can Print our Fact Sheets in Full Color on a sheet of paper.