Information is power. You don’t want to be at risk for fraud or identity theft. Sensitive client documents, confidential financials or even hard drive data should never be recycled without due care.

Protect your workplace security.

Urban Impact has helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes safely shred their sensitive documents onsite and stay in compliance with privacy legislation.

We offer secure onsite paper shredding services for your organization as well as hard drive destruction. We come to you. You can watch the shredding of your documents before your eyes.

  • We deliver locked bins to your location.
  • You fill the bins with everything that requires shredding.
  • Mobile shredding trucks arrive at your requested time and location and shred everything in the bins.
  • You can watch the entire shredding process to ensure that all your information remains safe.

Regularly scheduled onsite shredding, one-time shred services, or hard drive shredding- it's easy to get started. Contact us today!

Our modern fleet of specialized on-site trucks brings shredding right to your door

  • Collect your sensitive documents with tamper-proof containers and accompany them to the truck so you can watch them be destroyed
  • You can even shred computer hard drives and other data carrying materials such as CDs and DVDs
  • State-of-the-art ‘piece and tear’ equipment ensures your documents are permanently destroyed
  • You can request a Certificate of Destruction that itemizes shredding start time, finish time, date and weight of material destroyed
  • Urban Impact is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and all of our drivers are fully bonded and screened for RCMP clearance

what can go in my shredding bins?

  • All office paper
  • Coil bound books
  • Magazines, newsprint
  • Paper that has small clips
  • Paper hanging dividers
  • Aerosol containers or cans
  • Ammunition or bullets
  • Batteries
  • Binders - 3 ring
  • Cardboard
  • Directories or large bound publications
  • Electronics
  • Fabrics and textiles
  • Hard drives
  • Glass
  • Organics or food waste packaging
  • Wood
  • VHS tapes

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