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Announcing Urban Impact’s 2017 Certificates of Diversion


Announcing Urban Impact’s 2017 Certificates of Diversion

Urban Impact’s Certificate of Diversion was designed to salute our customers’ efforts for being responsible in matters of consumption, waste recycling and environmental management.

The Certificate of Diversion outlines how much waste each customer has diverted from the landfill and provides each customer with documented proof of their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

Our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that their recycling efforts have made an impact.

At Urban Impact, we believe that sustainability includes dealing with waste in a responsible, cost effective manner through comprehensive recycling policies and practices and education and participation.

With more and more people becoming concerned about reducing their “Carbon Footprint”, Urban Impact salutes our customers’ recycling efforts.

Urban Impact is proud that many customers display their Certificate in their main reception area, while others have created a new feature for their company newsletter. We are committed to environmental conservation and global responsibility.

Among the fundamental values that inform everything we do day-to-day, environmental conservation occupies a very important place at Urban Impact.

Here’s an interesting paper recycling fact:
One metric tonne of paper recycling saves:

  • 18.49 trees
  • 28,957 Litres of water
  • 4,480.5 Kwh (kilowatt hours) of electricity

We would like to say thank you to all of you for your recycling efforts and helping us make the world just a bit greener. Thank you for your commitment to reducing your environmental footprint!

We are excited to announce that the Certificates of Diversion are fully electronic this year and available by request. To request your certificate, please send us an email at

Secure Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Urban Impact provides onsite hard drive and electronic media destruction services for responsible, secure electronic data management.

Electronic media will be destroyed onsite using our state-of-the-art electronic media shredder. Our shredder destroys your hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and other electronic storage products and materials, making your private information secure and irretrievable.

We come to your location to physically destroy your data-bearing hard and/or recordable media, such as DVDs.

Secure Onsite Destruction

Urban Impact’s onsite destruction service follows rigorous data privacy and security workflows to ensure your computer hard drives, backup tapes, and other assorted electronic storage media are completely destroyed.

Our hard drive destruction services keep your business compliant. Destroy or recycle your electronic media using environmentally friendly processes in accordance with all local, provincial, and federal regulations.

Valley Acrylic mentions UI in Facebook Post

Valley Acrylic mentioned Urban Impact in a great Facebook post early today.

The post read:

Working with Urban Impact Recycling for a cleaner future. See our 2016 yearly diversion review and look at some of the ways that Valley Acrylic is contributing to reducing the carbon footprint in our local community and what we have planned for the future.

If you have ideas to make us even greener let us know, we would love to hear about it!


Shred Day Testimonial from Bob

“My wife and I used your shred day service today and we just wanted to pass on a big thanks! The crew were courteous and helpful with the loading and the whole process. It was simple and other than being unsure where you were located (your map was fine we weren’t familiar with the area) it was a breeze. The added benefit is all that paper is gone!”

Calgary Recycling Change

On November 1, Calgary businesses and organizations will be required to recycle the same items Calgarians already do at home. The requirement comes through a bylaw amendment and is part of the city’s Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Waste Diversion  Strategy.

Recycling rules coming to Calgary businesses November 1