It has been a few months since our last update on the PPP situation in BC, and therefore high time we got everyone back up to speed! 

A few days following our last post in November, MMBC submitted an official stewardship plan to the BC Ministry of Environment. This was followed by submission of a slightly revised plan on February 25, 2013, which included clarification of some plan aspects, as well as full reproduction of additional stakeholder feedback.

At the most general level, the plan follows this framework:


We are happy to offer School Tours from November 19 to 30!

We believe that here is a huge opportunity to introduce our children to good conservation and recycling habits early! At Urban Impact, we believe that fostering green habits with Grade 4/5 students today puts them on a path towards a lifetime environmental sustainability.



In British Columbia, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Printed Paper & Packaging (PPP) is driven by the producer’s obligation to achieve 75% diversion of the PPP that they sell into the Province.  To further elaborate, this obligation was created in May of 2011 when the BC Recycling Regulation was updated to include printed paper & packaging.  I have tried to translate what this obligation really means:

Translation …obligation means that the producer will pay for 100% of the costs associated with recycling PPP in BC.