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Family Day is a relatively new Holiday for British Columbia (BC), Canada. Family Day became an official Holiday in BC in October of 2011. It's to be celebrated the on the 3rd Monday of February,  For that we are thankful!  
A few years ago, when the #antibullying #kindness #stopbullying messaging began to gain momentum, as a team, Urban Impact decided that this celebration and awareness was a message that resonated with our company and our core company cultural values.  On February 28, 2024, Pink Shirt Day will officially be recognized; however, festivals and events occur throughout the month, around the world, to raise awareness and funds around anti- bullying initiatives.  
As we start the New Year many of us reflect on the past year to set goals for the coming year. Generally, we compare and contrast all aspects of our work, community, personal lives to assess where and what we did to where and what we’d like to do or become.