COVID-19 Safety Update April 2021



COVID Safety is our #1 priority at the moment. We are working tirelessly at keeping our operating teams safe, our bubbles small and getting as many of our staff and their families signed up on the BC government website and on the Pharmacies website if they agree to do so and qualify

Our Safety Plan is changing and being updated multiple times per week as we improve and modify our processes to ensure our teams are safe to work. Keeping our Plant and Trucking team safe is almost a full time job.

To support vaccinations in our community, we came up with T Shirts to support those that have been “Vaxxed” and others who are willing and interested to promote. We understand that there are a range of opinions on the subject, and we will respect each of our team mates choices.

Working hard at keeping our teams safe has been promoted with #covidsafety and #wegotthis

COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

Our updated COVID protocols and procedures include:

Policies, procedures, and training for our driving team to minimize interaction with our customers. Please know we don’t want to be unfriendly; we want to be compliant and safe.

  • All of our operating teams complete a Daily Health Check declaration to confirm that they are not experiencing symptoms, have not travelled outside of Canada, have not been directed to self-isolate by Health Authority or been in contact with a confirmed COVID 19 case.
  • We will follow all public health recommendations and orders with respect to social distancing.
  • Our team members will wear a mask in accordance with all Public Health orders.
  • We wash our hands frequently and when not use hand sanitizers.
  • Our team members sanitize their workspace before, during and after their workday.
  • Frequent sanitizing of trucks, equipment and frequently touched and high traffic areas.
Keeping Our Team and Customers Safe

To help us keep our teams and our customer safe, we ask that our customers cancel their in-office services if:

  • Anyone in your office or place of business is feeling unwell or travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days or has been asked to self-isolate by a Health Authority. 

When our drivers arrive on location, we will also ask you to do the following:

  • Keep social distance between yourself and our drivers
  • Wear a mask

Our drivers will move any materials to the truck quickly and efficiently.  We will minimize the time we spend in your office or location.  Safety will always be our top priority.  We will continue to modify plans and implement new processes as more health orders unfold.

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